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Which mixer is best for you?

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Which type of mixer do I rate?

Here’s my preference in order of most preferred to least preferred mixer for making desserts:

1. Stand mixer
2. Hand beaters
3. Thermomix

Thermomix lovers don’t come at me. I have one and I like it, but for buttercream? A firm nope from me.

Stand mixers are my go-to for baking because of a big bowl and versatility. But there’s nothing wrong with hand beaters.

As for brands? I think that’s less important.

I am, however, team Kenwood right now. My Chef Sense XL had been a dam workhorse for about four years and that thing gets moved around and used a LOT! I may have struck it lucky not needing to get it serviced or calibrated but this is my fave tool in the kitchen.

My backup is my first mixer, a Sunbeam, nothing fancy at all. That one I have had to replace the paddle far too many times to count (although my use is higher than normal!)

I also sometimes use a KitchenAid at one of the places I teach. it’s fine, I prefer something with a larger bowl though.

You’ll see my mixer in action in cupcake and cake classes, both in person and online. Here’s the upcoming dates for classes. Or find online classes here.

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