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When was the last time you took some time just for you?

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But really, when was it?

Bear with me for a short moment, but I’d love you to take a big deep breath for me. Ready? A deep breath in, hold for two counts, and exhale loudly.

Did you play along? Or you haven’t got time for that woowoo sh*t?!

I’m not a whole lot of woo, but I do know this: In my last cookie class, when we we’re all happily creating our designs, someone said “this is so mindful”

And it is!

In nearly every class, there’s this peaceful moment where everyone is so absorbed in what they are doing that the room falls silent. Not awkward silence, peaceful.

I know you are there to learn cookies/cakes/cupcakes, but I like to think of my classes as more than that.

The majority of my students are very busy people, a lot of them mums. And there wouldn’t be many times in your week when you get total blissful silence. Just you, working away on creating your masterpieces.

I’m here to hold that space for you and give you a peaceful moment in time, away from kids/chores/worries. A few hours of creativity, colour and fun.

So I challenge you to ask yourself: when was the last time I had some me time?

Because we’re about to fix that!

You can find all in-person classes here.

I also have a bunch of online classes which give you the option to watch at your leisure then set aside some time to try everything out. these make great gifts, for yourself or others! There’s the option to add an equipment kit as well which can be shipped Aus wide.

Let’s schedule in some time for you. You’re worth it <3


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