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How to make a profit in cake business

$38.50 incl GST

This 30 minute recorded masterclass is designed to give you a solid understanding of how to work out your business numbers and profit.

The class is delivered by Perth cake teacher, Carli.

Hello, that’s me!

I frankly bumbled my way through business my first few years. I was at first guessing at my profits and always charging different people different prices. Until I figured out my numbers and set some boundaries around charging. I also did a bunch of courses and classes and now I’m here to share with you what I wish I had done years ago in my first cake business to truly make it profitable.

Enter this masterclass to help you start your business on the right foot, or if you are already operating, how to sharpen up your business understanding and set consistent prices!

You will walk away from this class:

-Knowing you have some homework to understand your costs

-Getting clear on your goals

-Understanding profit

-Feeling empowered to set a price list, and finally know how much you are making on each item!

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