Home kitchen registration masterclass

$38.50 incl GST


This one-hour live online class is designed to give you some basics about getting your home kitchen registered to run a home dessert business.

The class is delivered by Perth cake teacher, Carli.

Hello, that’s me!

I’ve been in the cake game for a little while. As a registered baker for years, I have been through Council registrations in two local government areas in Perth, attended markets, branding shoots, collaborations, giveaways and built up a strong client base which meant I was booked months ahead.

After having several people attend multiple classes and thinking about starting their own businesses, I wanted to help.

I had so much initial fear around the council registration process, understanding what some of the rules were and wondering who to talk to for guidance. Enter this masterclass to help you answer some of the questions I had!

This class runs on Thursday 1 September at 8pmWST. A replay will be available.

Read more about Carli here.


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