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Business cake plan bundle

$11.00 incl GST

Business plan and goal planner

Want to get crystal clear on your goals and plan for your business! These plans are templates you can use, and then revisit every so often to set and stay on track with your business goals.

The templates have been created by Perth cake teacher, Carli.

Hello, that’s me!

I frankly bumbled my way through business my first few years. I had very few goals, no systems and I just wanted to bake, I wasn’t paying attention to the business side of business.

Fast forward to my teaching business and things are VERY different. I had to know my numbers. I did a bunch of courses and classes and now I’m here to share with you what I wish I had done years ago in my first cake business to truly make it profitable.

These documents will help you get laser focused on your goals. They will help you set goals if you don’t have many right now, and create an actionable path to achieving them.

This bundle includes:

-Business goal planning template
– Goal planning template

These are PDFs which will be emailed to you.

In stock

These are PDFs which will be emailed to you.  There are no refunds on digital products. Read more about Carli here.


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