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Knowing what to charge in your business

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Understanding how and what to charge in your business doesn’t have to be super complicated

The answer is knowing your numbers.

And while that takes a little bit of work, when you do know your numbers you will feel empowered, confident, and able to charge customers consistently, all while pricing for profit.


As the next part in my series to help new and existing businesses, I am running a masterclass online.

In this online masterclass you will learn:

– what profit is (and why it’s more than just money)
– why you are worthy of earning money and how our money stories can impact
– how to cost out all your expenses
– how to set your prices
– how to confidently charge customers.

Included is a workbook, work sheet and guidance for completing your pricing.

I’m so excited to deliver this. It was always the hardest thing for me at the start of my first business, knowing what to charge. Leave the class feeling ready to get clear on your numbers, and excited to start charging appropriately.

Hope to see you there! Here’s the link


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