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Preparing baking tins and trays

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What’s the best way to prepare tins and trays?

Let’s break down what we are baking:

Cupcakes – use a quality case. These are the ones I use here (no affiliate, just my fave). These are a size 700 and i usually use white

Trays – baking paper is your friend. Make it as flat as possible, so that might mean folding or cutting it. If they are not sticking down you could use a bit of non stick spray. Reusable liners are ok too, just don’t cut these!!

Pans – If I am lining a brownie or slice tray I don’t make these perfectly flat. I always cut my edges off (to eat) so it doesn’t matter to me if they bake a little rough. I will use non stick spray in the base though so it sits a little flatter when putting in the mixture.

Cake tins – Now this is the big one. People have a whole bunch of opinions on how to line a tin properly. From butter to flour to baking paper to a spray release.

I keep it simple. A quality non-stick spray – make sure it is actually non stick-  and baking paper cut to size on the base and sides. I trace the base of my tins with a pen on baking paper, then cut out the shape and stick it inside the tin, after it has a generous coating on non stick spray!

Preparing tins and trays properly really pays off! There’s nothing worse than baking a cake and it not coming out of the tin because it has stuck to the tin. I always like to say it is like painting a house, the level of preparation makes a huge difference to the outcome of the cake.

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