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In-person workshops

Let’s cake in PERTHson!

Cake, cookie and cupcake workshops

In-person workshops are the place to be if you want to learn to bake or decorate in a fun, group environment.

My classes are small and cosy, so there’s less overwhelm walking in. And as an introvert myself, I can guarantee there are no awkward ice breaker activities – promise! Bring just yourself, or bring a friend along too.

Small group sizes mean you get plenty of time to ask questions and receive support.

What can I learn?

Some of my class options include:

Dessert decorating classes:

buttercream cake decorating class perth
Cake decorating
Cookie decorating
Cupcake decorating
Donut decorating

Baking classes:

Hands-on baking and decorating classes include cakes, cookies, cupcakes and donuts. In these classes you will use my recipe to make a dessert from scratch, and then get to decorate it too.

Baking 101 workshops

Learn the common baking mistakes people make. Why do my cakes dome? My non-stick tin sticks! Can I cut the sugar in the recipe? This hour-long session is designed to help the home baker improve and overcome your baking mistakes of the past. There will be time to ask questions and there will be a few samples to try!

Are you drooling yet?

Decorating workshops are currently on offer for both adults and children, at various locations across Perth. Please note workshops are subject to the following terms and conditions.

Prefer to learn in a different way?

Not what you are after? I offer different workshops types to suit those unable to make one of the workshops above.

Something more?

Now sure which workshop is for you, or searching for something personalised? Get in touch to tell me how else I can help!

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