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Pricing for profit

How I can help you understand your profit in your dessert business

This online class is designed to give you a solid understanding of how to work out your business numbers and profit.

The class is delivered by Perth cake teacher, Carli.

Hello, that’s me!

I’ve been in the cake game for a little while. I have operated a business in Perth for years, attended markets, branding shoots, collaborations, giveaways and built up a strong client base which meant I was booked months ahead.

I now only run decorating classes, and bake for the odd family or friend. After having several people attend multiple classes and thinking about starting their own businesses, I wanted to help.

I frankly bumbled my way through business my first few years. I was at first guessing at my profits and always charging different people different prices. It was when I started moving into teaching fulltime (due to health reasons) that I had to get serious and know if I could make this work. To do that, I had to know my numbers. I did a bunch of courses and classes and now I’m here to share with you what I wish I had done years ago in my first cake business to truly make it profitable.

Enter this masterclass to help you start your business on the right foot, or if you are already operating, how to sharpen up your business understanding and set consistent prices!

In this online masterclass you will learn:

– what profit is (and why it’s more than just money)
– why you are worthy of earning money and how our money stories can impact 
– how to cost out all your expenses
– how to set your prices
– how to confidently charge customers. 

If you’re ready to explore cakes as a business, I have a bundle of tools and resources to help you. And to to it in a way that is sustainable, and profitable.

I can help you through becoming registered and starting your cake business legally. I can assist with knowing your numbers, what to charge and how to make profit with ease.

cake coaching cake teacher online support business growth sweets dessert help Australia Perth

Marketing strategy

Who is your audience and how will you reach them? Ideas to gain exposure and followers

cake coaching cake teacher online support business growth sweets dessert help Australia Perth

Getting registered

Assistance to know the basic requirements for a low-risk home baking business.

cake coaching cake teacher online support business growth sweets dessert help Australia Perth

Individual coaching

Dedicated one on one support for any pain points in your business

Something more?

Now sure which coaching package is for you, or searching for something personalised? Get in touch to tell me how else I can help!

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Mastered the basics and want to start your own business? I can help you level up with systems, tools and support.

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