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How to get straight sides on a cake

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How do you get straight sides on a cake? It is all in this tool.

A steel cake scraper is exactly what you need to make the sides and tops of your cakes straight.

The reason I love this guy is he has a nice big handle, he is tall, he has a ruler which is perfect for those who like things super accurate. Not me, I am definitely a rustic baker.

He’s also metal. A Captain Obvious statement, however with a metal scraper you can warm this up if needed, to help with buttercream if it is getting too cold or setting too quickly. To warm up your scraper, run it under hot to boiling water then wipe dry and use as normal.

Plastic or acrylic scrapers can also work well, my preference is for a handle! This guys retails for about $17 to $20 and is such a good investment!

The real trick any scraper is being conscious how you hold it. You need to make sure you are holding it straight to the board, and step back and look critically at your cake. Any lean on your cake usually comes down to how you hold your scraper; a lot of people don’t realise it is on an angle.

A metal scraper is what I use in classes and what I us eon online workshops. You can check those out here.

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