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How many piping nozzles do you need?

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The answer is simply that you don’t need 500 piping nozzles or tips to make beautiful goods.

I used one nozzle to decorate cupcakes for about three years. Yes, I had a professional home cake business and used mostly one nozzle.


Take one nozzle. How many designs and looks can you get from one nozzle? Lots!

In my classes I use a worksheet to demonstrate this more easily. We all pipe with one nozzle to produce four different designs. It is partly to get people practicing piping for the first time, but also to show how many different looks you can achieve from one nozzle. The nozzle we use for this is a 1M nozzle, my absolute favourite.

I’m not saying you only need to have one nozzle, I’m just saying you don’t need a million of them clogging up your cupboard!

Some of my other favourite nozzles are:

-Petal nozzle
-Small open star nozzles

These few nozzles would be my pick for beginners. A few good nozzles will stand the test of time and give you a variety of look for piping on cakes and cupcakes.

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