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Favourite fondant brand

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And the brand is…Bakels. 

Hands down without a doubt – I love Bakels fondant.

However, this is just my fave. Everyone is going to have their own favourite.

It’s going to depend on where you live (and the typical weather you have), how you prefer it to handle and taste.

I love the taste of Bakels. I always get great feedback, particularly if people have only ever have supermarket brand and then try this.

It seems perfect for WA’s dry heat and I love how it handles. Importantly, I use fondant for covering cookies and some fondant decorations such as animal figures. I don’t cover cakes in fondant. What you mostly use fondant for will make a difference in preferred brands.

There is another two brands I occasionally use. Fondtastic and Cake Craft. The reason for that is there are some colours I buy premade. Red, forest green, deep brown and black. These can be hard to achieve by mixing colour through, and the amount of colour needed changes the consistency.

Fondtastic tends to be a little stretchier, Cake Craft tends to run a bit dry, and what I buy depends on the weather and purpose.

Bakels comes in both 7kg tubs, and the amount of these I use a year is staggering. Never fear, it also comes in smaller bags. Just be sure to store any left overs correctly so they don’t harden. I definitely prefer fondant that comes in tubs as it makes storage so much easier!

What is your fave fondant, and why?

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