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Corporate workshops

Perth corporate workshops

Team building activities

Looking for a sweet corporate activity in Perth? A corporate dessert decorating workshop might be perfect!

Corporate workshops are available to suit a variety of workshop lengths, types and budgets. This is something we will work with you on to understand your needs.

What corporate workshops can I choose from?

Some of the workshops available include

  • Cupcake decorating
  • Cookie decorating
  • Cake decorating
  • Donut decorating
  • Learning basic baking tips and a dessert tasting.

How many people can I have in a corporate workshop?

Corporate workshops can range from one person to up to 30 people at a time. It really depends on what you want to achieve, how much space you have and if we need to hire a venue to be more comfortable.

Is my venue big enough?

This will depend on exactly what we are doing and how many people will be in the class! If your venue/workplace is not big enough we could look at different venues or breaking people up into different teams or time slots.

Corporate workshops costs

The cost of a corporate workshop depends on the number of people, class type, location and if we need to hire a venue. A corporate class may be charged per head or a market/drop in session will be quoted per day. To help me produce a tailored quote for you, please get in touch. I do offer discounts for NFP’s and these will be applied at the time.

When are you available?

I run corporate workshops on weekdays, evenings and limited weekends. It would be helpful if you could suggest a few dates which work for your group so we have some options!

I’m so excited to see what desserts we can create together! Corporate workshops are subject to the following terms and conditions being accepted.

Prefer to learn in a different way?

Not what you are after? I offer different workshops types to suit those unable to make one of the workshops above.

Something more?

Now sure which workshop is for you, or searching for something personalised? Get in touch to tell me how else I can help!

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