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Hi I’m Carli

I’m a sugar addict!

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I grew up in Perth, in a house of absolute sweet tooths.

I got diagnosed with a nut allergy at 19, and it kind of flipped my dessert world upside down. I knew I would have to learn to bake for myself to enjoy safe treats and satisfy that sweet tooth.

My dream became a reality when I studied at TAFE and ran a successful home baking business for many years, baking safe treats for all occasions. I then discovered a love of teaching. Boy, do I get a buzz out of it.

I have a passion for food and I LOVE sharing my baking tips with others so they too can create delicious memories with loved ones. I’m not sure there’s anything better than sitting down and savouring some home-baked treats, so I want to pass that on to as many people as I can.

I am also about making baking easy and fitting in around your life/health/kids. Baking doesn’t need to be overly complicated or mean needing more tools that you know what to do with. I’m all about simplicity.

And if you’re wondering about the bike in the pic, I love riding around my neighbourhood as a way to stay fit. In a bid to multitask I share snippets from my life while I’m pedaling along – anything from baking tips to upcoming classes and my current house reno project. You never quite know what will come out of my mouth!

Sound like we’d gel? Get in touch!

A little more personal

Here I am with my two handsome labradoodles, Jack and Ted! We’re in Perth’s north east suburbs. When I’m not baking or riding my bike, you can find me with friends, family, walking the dogs or fixing up my reno house!

I have a background working in NFP’s and am committed to being inclusive. If I can assist to make your experience more enjoyable in class by saving a seat for a support worker, facing you directly, seating you at the back, offering different bench heights or anything else, please get in touch.

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Bake with Carli

How we can work together to help you make desserts you are proud of!


Learn how to bake and decorate delicious desserts in person and online to impress loved ones..


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Mastered the basics and want to start your own business? I can help you level up with systems, tools and support.

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